Montessori Assistants Training 20-21

12 modules


Course Length
12 hours

Katie Grabowski

30 Jun 2020



The assistant in the Montessori classroom has a critical role to play in supporting instruction, building community, and promoting social-emotional development. This asynchronous online course introduces new Montessori primary and elementary assistants to the prepared environment and their role within it. 

The online time requirement for this course is approximately 12 hours; we recommend the course be completed within 6-8 weeks.

Before you register: This course requires a school-based facilitator to support some aspects of the training—a coach, seasoned guide, administrator, or other support staff member. 

A 30-minute orientation call for this facilitator is required before the assistant begins the course. The facilitator can contact Director of Professional Learning Katie Brown at to begin registration and schedule the call.

If your facilitator has already scheduled the call, you may continue with registration. To register multiple participants or to register on behalf of someone else, please select "Bulk Purchase" at checkout. For schools planning to enroll seven or more participants, the annual subscription is a good option; please email for more information.

Course Overview

Paying by check: We accept payment via most credit cards. To request to pay by check, use this form. You will not be registered until your check has been received. Once your check has been received, we will enter your registration for the event and confirm via email. For questions about payment, contact

Photos and Video: NCMPS may take photos or record video during this event. By participating in this event, you consent to your likeness being used for promotional purposes without compensation, and you release NCMPS from any liability related to this use. If you do not want your likeness used in this way, you may inform the event staff, and NCMPS will make its best effort to prevent such use.



  • Understand the basic tenets of Montessori philosophy
  • Become oriented to the role and responsibilities of the assistant in the Montessori classroom
  • Understand how to be in community with adults and children in the Montessori school


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Assistants Training Certificate

Part I: Welcome to Montessori
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Part I Written Reflection
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Coaching Conversation #1: Meeting Reflection Notes
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Part II: Hands, Eyes, Hearts: The Role of the Assistant
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Coaching Conversation #2: Meeting Reflection Notes
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Part III: The Montessori School Community
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Part III Written Reflection
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Coaching Conversation #3: Meeting Reflection Notes
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Part IV: Getting Started
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Personal Action Plan Submission
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Coaching Conversation #4: Meeting Reflection Notes
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Assistants Training Feedback
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