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Katie Brown

18 Mar 2020



If your school has several classroom assistants who need to be oriented to their role, an annual subscription for our Montessori Assistants Training may be the right choice. With an annual subscription, your school can have up to 2 facilitators and an unlimited number of assistants participate in the Montessori Assistants Training, for one flat fee. This subscription is good until June 30, 2021

Once you have purchased a subscription, you will receive a coupon code via email that will allow you to enroll your assistants in the Montessori Assistants Training without paying the per-person registration fee. Please contact Katie Brown at with any questions.

Before you register: This course requires a school-based facilitator to support some aspects of the training—a coach, seasoned guide, administrator, or other support staff member. 

A 30-minute orientation call for this facilitator is required before the assistant begins the course. The facilitator can contact Director of Professional Learning Katie Brown at to begin registration and schedule the call.

The assistant in the Montessori classroom has a critical role to play in supporting instruction, building community, and promoting social-emotional development. This asynchronous online course is designed to introduce new Montessori assistants to the prepared environment and their role within it. This course is suitable for assistants who will be serving in both primary and elementary environments. Time requirement for this course is approximately 12 hours; we recommend the course be completed within 6-8 weeks.

All sales are final. 

Paying by invoice or check: We accept payment via most credit cards. To request an invoice, use this form. You will not be registered until your invoice is paid. Once your invoice has been paid, we will enter your registration and confirm via email. For questions about payment, contact


  • Understand the basic tenets of Montessori philosophy
  • Become oriented to the role and responsibilities of the assistant in the Montessori classroom
  • Understand how to be in community with adults and children in the Montessori school

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