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Katie Grabowski

05 Sep 2019



The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS)

The MEFS, developed by Reflection Sciences, is a digital version of the Dimensional Card Change Sort, a well-established tool for measuring executive function in children. MEFS training is delivered asynchronously online through Reflection Science's learning portal, that prepares you to use the MEFS App, the only early learning readiness assessment measuring executive function that can be used with children as young as two.


After registering for the MEFS here, NCMPS staff will create a MEFS account for you. You will receive a welcome email from Reflection Sciences. You then need to become an active user within the MEFS Training Site. To become a user, please do the following as soon as possible: 

  1. Log in to the Training Site,

             Email | your email
             Password | password created upon first login*

    *Note: The password you create will be the password you use to log into the MEFS Admin Portal and Training Site (on a computer) as well as the MEFS App™ (on your tablet). Passwords are case sensitive and can be changed via the ‘Don't remember your password?’ link found here:
  2. Please allow 2 business days for the course registration process to be completed following your initial login. 


Upon completion of the MEFS training in the Reflection Sciences portal, you will be required to return to this course and upload a PDF copy of your MEFS certification. You will be prompted to do this to complete this course.


In subsequent years, you must re-certify to administer the MEFS annually by completing a short recertification course through Reflection Sciences at a cost of $100.


All sales are final. 

Paying by invoice or check: We accept payment via most credit cards. To request an invoice, use this form. You will not be registered until your invoice is paid. Once your invoice has been paid, we will enter your registration and confirm via email. For questions about payment, contact

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