Assessment Playbook Webinar Series: What's happening with students?

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90 mins

Katie Brown

19 Jun 2019



This is a recording of the What's Happening with Students Webinar held on June 5th, 2019. 

As part of the Assessment Playbook Webinar Series, this session explored tools for assessing and reporting on students' progress through a Montessori program. We looked at the Normalization and Adjustment Checks, used when children are new in the environment, the Transition Skills Inventories, which give benchmarks for moving from level to level, and Progress Reports, used to share progress with families.

This webinar was led by NCMPS staff.

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The Montessori Assessment Playbook

The NCMPS Montessori Assessment Playbook is a strategy manual and collection of tools for implementing a new assessment model grounded in Montessori and supporting human flourishing.

The Playbook is available for purchase as an ebook or bound volume here:  Montessori Assessment Playbook.

​Assessment Playbook Webinars

The Playbook debuted at the 2019 NCMPS Public Montessori Symposium, a gathering of 50+ public school leaders and practitioners convened to engage deeply with the issues surrounding assessment in Montessori schools. This series of webinars continues that conversation, and offers an orientation to the tools and a deeper explanation of how they can be used in the field. NCMPS staff and guest practitioners will lead these 90-minute presentations and discussions.




Webinar information and documents: What's happening with students?
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