Child Study Workshop - online meetings - 2019-20

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6 hours

Elizabeth Slade

01 May 2019



The Child Study Workshop is an online community of practice where graduates of the Child Study Training can refine and deepen their work. Child Study Leads meet for 12 sessions on videoconference calls throughout the school year in small groups led by an NCMPS Coach to ask questions, share, reflect, problem-solve, and work with the Child Study tools. The Child Study process is complicated and this workshop supports those new to the process in successfully implementing it at their school.

If you have taken the Child Study Training and have been working to implement the protocol at your school, or would like to in the coming year, this workshop helps to guide you in the process. There are many complicated components and this meeting with other practitioners will support your greater understanding and skill with the entire practice. In a whole to parts approach, the Training is an orientation to the whole and the Workshop is focused on the parts.


Pre-Requisite: The Child Study Workshop is open to Child Study Leads who have completed the NCMPS Child Study Training. Visit the NCMPS Website to see upcoming Child Study Training events.


Scheduling: After you've registered and paid for this Workshop, the Child Study Workshop facilitator will work with you to schedule a regular meeting day and time within the school day. If no mutually agreeable time can be found, registration will be refunded.


Child Study is an NCMPS protocol that guides teachers towards a Montessori approach to helping children get their needs met as much as possible in the Montessori environment. The protocol shifts the focus from a deficit-oriented “what’s wrong with this child?” model to a solutions-oriented “what’s going on with this child?” perspective. Child Study is a form of Response to Intervention (RTI) which can lead to Special Education referral but is designed to make the most  of the Montessori prepared environment’s unique properties.

The Child Study Protocol: A Child Study Lead (often the Montessori Coach in a school) convenes teams of teachers to focus on a particular child. Using the Child Study Protocol, team members identify and clarify the problem, define the difficulty or lagging skill causing the difficulty, set a specific, measurable, and timely goal, and brainstorm classroom interventions. The presenting teacher chooses strategies to implement and track, and the process typically generates interventions and responses for other members of the team to use in their own classrooms.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Child Study Training Certificate


Child Study Workshop

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